it’s a relationship of two     and you know i’m gonna wait on you     doesn’t mean you keep me waiting     i’ll be patient till twenty     that’s when you said we maybe start dating     you don’t know how to name love     you don’t realize that it’s me     crying on your shoulder kissing your neck     if that ain’t love then what it mean     at times we might not end up on the same page     but we part of the same book     at times i hit you with my rage     you knock me down with a left hook

every morning i wake up in winter
and the world is a north pole
it was never a better place even if you lived or died
vapour leaves the harshness of my lips
smoke warms my aching lungs and my heart beats for a second
icicles of tears frozen on this face
all this space i wanted but i got nowhere to go
nothing to see on this empty road
i don’t need clothes i’m used to the cold till my bone
i see no difference between immortal men and mortal men
i see no difference between not believing and saying amen
it’s all the same over here
it means nothing over here
this is no man’s land and yet so many people stumble over here

the blood you bled gave colour to my roses
the wind you breathed brought the waves of salt to my beaches
the tears you wept poured down on my earth of ashes and dirt
the dilation of your pupils brought an eclipse to my world

people hurt without knowing it

the dilation of your pupils brought darkness to my world
the tears you wept poured down on my earth and flooded it
the wind you breathed brought tsunamis that eroded my sand
the blood you bled dried and killed my roses


i told my mother i have suicidal thoughts
she asked me whether i would like therapy
i told her Ma, i don’t need therapy
i just need you to talk to me

i told my mother i have suicidal thoughts
she said she cares
if you cared how come you never noticed the cuts
on my wrists, on my heart, in my brain
emotionally scarred


why do you hang yourself from this rope
dont you see there is still hope

why do you cut yourself with the knife
why would you let a thing take away your life

why do you see yourself in the dark
you just need something to get back that spark

stop convincing yourself that there is nothing left
you are just too blind to see what is next

stop shooting bullets into your chest
thinking of them as pills to put you to rest

if you keep looking in the same broken mirror
how do you expect to see things any clearer


You saw me in all my shades of red yellow and blue
And all that I saw turned into nothing when I saw you
Black and white, you stayed in the grey
All the paints smeared when you touched me
All that I was beautiful for, turned into ugly
You were smudged everywhere, unable to add another layer
If only you weren’t so fucked up in your mind
I would have loved you better if I wasn’t so colour blind

ps - this poem is not about love