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an empty box, a fortress for a child
storage for a mother to put her wedding dress
perspectives of cuboids and squares
crooked lines can also be stairs for a stick figure
signs of being alive, a beating heart
where these lines end, another begins
through time, another experience
artists are magicians casting spells
and the enchantment remains endless

~ a poem dedicated to DC.

colourblind, the artwork


Self Portrait (colourblind) by me

Posted the poem again, just in case…

You saw me in all my shades of red yellow and blue
And all that I saw turned into nothing when I saw you
Black and white, you stayed in the grey
All the paints smeared when you touched me
All that I was beautiful for, turned into ugly
You were smudged everywhere, unable to add another layer
If only you weren’t so fucked up in your mind
I would have loved you better if I wasn’t so colourblind


you locked yourself away in a room made of mirror
and you forgot you are claustrophobic, perfect
images of you making an infinite of you
you’ll always be the realest
crown on your head, you are no one’s queen
you sing yourself to sleep everynight
you are your own king
showers of pleasure make you dance
vapor drops roll down your back
you sexualise as you close your eyes
fantasies of living overseas with two dogs and yourself
making money sitting in an audi r8
riding solo, ask you how you doing? great
no opinion matter greater than yours
how come you look so good but never flatter yourself
you don’t ask for help
when you don’t know your roads you’ll find them
rather, you’ll make your own
buy yourself gifts cause you don’t give a fuck
tuck yourself in your own throne, you never gave a fuck
you don’t need a man to understand you
you are the only one who can stand you and that’s okay
you’ll always be okay
and in the end when all this is over
you’ll want to die alone, on your own terms
and you’ll die in your own arms
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artwork by manasi hegde

the blood you bled gave colour to my roses
the wind you breathed brought the waves of salt to my beaches
the tears you wept poured down on my earth of ashes and dirt
the dilation of your pupils brought an eclipse to my world

people hurt without knowing it

the dilation of your pupils brought darkness to my world
the tears you wept poured down on my earth and flooded it
the wind you breathed brought tsunamis that eroded my sand
the blood you bled dried and killed my roses