everyone cares in the moment


colourblind, the artwork


Self Portrait (colourblind) by me

Posted the poem again, just in case…

You saw me in all my shades of red yellow and blue
And all that I saw turned into nothing when I saw you
Black and white, you stayed in the grey
All the paints smeared when you touched me
All that I was beautiful for, turned into ugly
You were smudged everywhere, unable to add another layer
If only you weren’t so fucked up in your mind
I would have loved you better if I wasn’t so colourblind

the chills you left still intervene between my spine
wrecking every nerve you come in contact with
extreme thoughts in my mind

whatever we do is malpractice
running my dreams in a circle
sometimes your nonverbal communication speaks different 
from everything that remains absent in these words
if never spoken, why do these words push me into absinthe 
architects, what we have constructed is a labyrinth 
then we built a foundation to protect ourselves from us
laid down conditions to determine what remains and what turns into dust
kisses on your neck left permanent scars
got me questioning the limits of how far
before we plummet these summits were never meant to hold
but our hands did