it’s a relationship of two     and you know i’m gonna wait on you     doesn’t mean you keep me waiting     i’ll be patient till twenty     that’s when you said we maybe start dating     you don’t know how to name love     you don’t realize that it’s me     crying on your shoulder kissing your neck     if that ain’t love then what it mean     at times we might not end up on the same page     but we part of the same book     at times i hit you with my rage     you knock me down with a left hook

all these balloons filled with helium
can all these balloons heal me i am numb
all these balloons filled with your breath
when they deflate can i taste you in the room
all these cards hung my ribbons float away
don’t take away my happiness 
it’s new and i just found it
happy birthday, happy birthday

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ps it is on the 9th of august